Integrated Manufacturing Process

All the design and manufacturing steps include
materials, design, shaping, lightweighting, polishing, coating, assembly and tests are
integrated which makes us one of the most efficient solution.


dandan has been developing high-end engineering ceramic materials for decades, including Silicon Carbide, Silicon Nitride and Aluminum Nitride.
We have developed our own Silicon Carbide material for reflectors, and we are continuing to study new materials such as Cordierite to utilize them as optical materials.


With extended experience of KRISS in optical and opto-mechanical design, we will be able to provide the best solutions for satellite telescope(visual/IR), ground test equipment(OGSE) and various high-precision optical systems.


With computer controlled machining centers(maximum diameter of 2m), we shape the material from the original raw size to the final shape with precision in the μm.
We have developed processes to decrease the weight of the mirrors over 80% for almost any shape(open/semi-open back, hexagonal, triangular etc).


We can polish a large variety of materials to almost any shape and size with the most demanding precision.

  • Shape : flat, spheric, aspheric, on-axis or off-axis.
  • Size : from few cm to 2 meters.
  • Material : ZERODUR, ULE, Silicon Carbide, Silica and other optical glasses.


We aims at delivering a fully functional mirror. We can supply variety of reflective coatings for VIS/IR(space qualified) and high-power laser system.


We combined our deep optical and high-precision mechanical skills to integrate complex opto-mechanical systems allowing to reach a predetermined goal.