Expert in Large Aperture
Reflective Optical Systems

We design and manufacture
high-accuracy optical and opto-mechanical systems
using leading-edge technologies,
for space, astronomy, science and industry.

Integrated Technology

All the design and manufacturing steps are
integrated (Materials, Design, Shaping,
Lightweighting, Polishing, Coating,
Assembly, Tests) which makes us one of
the most efficient solution.

From LAB to Industry

dandan Optics was established jointly by dandan Co. Ltd and Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science(KRISS).

We are registered to the Ministry of Science and ICT as the “Research-Based Spin-off Company”
which has the purpose of directly commercializing the technology of
the Space Optics Center of KRISS.

Since 1999, Dandan Co., Ltd. has been
developing and supplying engineering ceramics
include silicon carbide to the defense,
semiconductor and steel making industries.

The Space Optics Center of KRISS has been
leading the technologies to designing and
manufacturing high-precision optical systems
in Korea for more than 15 years.


We work in partnership with our customers, taking charge of all aspects of a project,
from materials to design, manufacturing, integration and tests.